Cvijanović: Srpska has no partners or collocutors in FBiH

10:12, 22.08.2020.
Izvor: Srna
Republika Srpska President Željka Cvijanović states that Republika Srpska is a priority and a solution to any crisis, and the basic resource and framework for the lives of its citizens.

Cvijanović points out that there is a way to move things forward in BiH and that Republika Srpska is a partner to everyone who wants to talk and cooperate, but that it has no collocutors or partners in the Federation of BiH /FBiH/.

"Every time there is a faction within the SDA that raises its voice against Bakir Izetbegović, he comes out and talks about poor financial situation in Republika Srpska. How bad is it? Well, return the money you owe us. You owe us a billion and two, three hundreds of millions of BAM just on the basis of the pensions we were paying off. You are so inhumane that you have expelled people from the Federation who have spent their entire working life in FBiH and earned pensions, refusing to pay their pensions off," the president told ATV.

She has asked how Srpska was able to pay off everyone, while the FBiH keeps talking about poor financial situation in Srpska.

Cvijanović points out that every single time prior to any SDA congress, prior to some of their dramas or some group that raises its voice against the Izetbegović family, Bakir Izetbegović states at a press conference that nothing is good in Srpska.

"It's unhealthy and sick. There is no collocutor for any topic in BiH and I regret it. BiH could be successful if the Constitution and the original Dayton Accords are respected, but now we are, unfortunately, unsuccessful and invisible. No one takes BiH seriously and everyone looks at it as a cestoda that will keep dragging," said Cvijanović.

She emphasized that Srpska lacking collocutor to solve something reasonably in BiH is a problem, adding that everything is buttoned up like a tight shirt.

"It makes sense for them to solve every issue at the BiH level, without entities, even if leaving all citizens in Srpska and FBiH hungry and thirsty. When you say that an issue is not under the competence of BiH, but the entities, they immediately come out and say 'you are destroying the state'. If you respect the Constitution, they say you are destroying the state, therefore it is sick ", concluded the president of Srpska.